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Current Projects:

MY NAME IS ASHER LEV by Aaron Posner (adapted from the Novel by Chaim Potok)

at Penguin Rep  July 10 - August 2nd!

featuring Max Wolkowitz, Howard Pinhasik and Naama Potok.


by Lanie Robertson

with Tracey Conyer Lee

at Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theatre

Jimmy Powers played by (and Musical Direction) by Kenney Green

July 23-August 22


by Mark St. Germain

with Anne O’Sullivan

August 14- Sept 6

at Penguin Rep, Stony Point NY.

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Film: WINNING NEW YORK (Screenplay and Lyrics by Christine Toy Johnson, Music by Bobby Cronin).

Stephen Nachamie, the director, also understands that heritage; the world of the Hasid in Brooklyn is so comfortably expressed, so specifically nestled into his efficient and organic staging…Potok’s story engages the mind and heart, and Penguin Rep Theater, relying on strong direction and three fine actors, has served it terrifically in a rich, moving and surprisingly powerful production. This is good theater, folks… “My Name Is Asher Lev” has remarkable achievements, and this exquisite Penguin Rep production enhances them all. A willing audience can expect to observe carefully, think deeply and feel in their soul. Lucky audience.”

The New York Times

(My Name Is Asher Lev, Penguin Rep)

"A TOTAL JOY.The entire cast is nothing short of sensational.Special kudos to director Stephen Nachamie. Penguin Rep has done it again."

-Broadway World

(My Name is Asher Lev)

“To portray Billie Holiday is a tall order, but Tracey Conyer Lee is able to infuse her performance with the history behind that incredible, unique voice, under the able direction of Stephen Nachamie...The play ends with one of the most powerful finales I’ve ever seen on the stage, sending chills up your spine as you start to grapple with the magnitude of the story you’ve just witnessed.”- Provincetown Magazine

(LADY DAY.. at Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theatre)

“I sort of thought I was over A CHORUS LINE. Stupid of me! Stephen Nachamie's production reminded me why you should never get over it.”

Peter Marks  – The Washington Post (via Twitter)

“Under the direction of Stephen Nachamie, the actors give meticulously shaded performances that add depth to Mr. Dresser’s lively, sometimes jokey dialogue.”

  1. -The New York Times

(Rounding Third, Penguin Rep)

“The cast is strong-voiced and does their best while director Stephen Nachamie ably keeps this ambitious work focused and moving along. the cast commits themselves wholly to the project with admirable passion”

  1. -Huffington Post (Foreverman, NYMF)

“The physical performances in director-choreographer Stephen Nachamie’s production are pretty witty. Nachamie and the gang keep it free, and even up-to-date: When Zack Colonna’s Charlie Brown fantasizes about being an athletic star, he Tebows.”

The Washington Post

(CHARLIE BROWN, Olney Theatre)